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Co-creating Change


Working with teams, leaders and organisations towards healing relationships and systems.

With training, coaching, mentoring and research, we will work with you to deal with this challenge. Taking a strengths based approach and co-designing the work creates sustainability. We can deliver a bespoke report benchmarking you against good practice and providing you with a way forward, and the support to do that if you wish. The author co-developed the ROOTS framework for this purpose.
I have built up a 1000 strong network and community of trauma informed practitioners across various sectors and can draw on their expertise to get you the team that you need. 
We can also work with your organisation or business on preparation and management of major incidents, psychological first aid and peer support. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to tackling adversity and how we can help support you.



Explicitly fostering inherent motivations towards a wise and respectful presence that creates cultures for good performance.

Standard packages of work with proven viability and success: We are always striving to make a positive difference, and invite you to reflect and join forces.
We can coach you or your staff to enable best functioning at work.



Finding ways to live life with meaning and connection.

Sometimes senior people notice things in themselves or their team are a struggle but are not sure what to do about it. Maybe wellbeing and relationships have gone catastrophically wrong. What is needed is someone very experienced and completely separate to navigate how to heal or grow.

We offer specialist wellbeing or leadership conversations, and psychological assessments followed by interventions for a range of work related stress (burnout, vicarious PTSD), mental health issues (including complex trauma presentations and dissociation) and personal growth. Coaching, compassion focused therapy and EMDR etc that is needs led. We can do this for teams and groups of staff as well as for individuals.
Supervision and training available.
We welcome consulting with small and medium businesses about looking after the welfare and mental health of their staff.



Finding creative ways for people to connect and support each other towards safer worlds.

With a broad interest in culture and the arts, projects emerge that use music, art and dance to facilitate wellbeing through congruence, cohesion and connectivity.
Such projects can heal or empower communities and groups.
I can work with your organisations to use arts towards these goals using a peer reviewed evidence based framework.



Rapidly coproduce your framework from narratives of good practice.

Do you have lots of information or people with experience but not sure how you can capture what is working and why? Open Narrative Enquiry is a method developed between Dr Angela Kennedy and Dr Petia Sice for extracting qualitative themes from large groups of narratives of experience. There is also a software for illustrating the themes in a way that uses the stories of experiences to help others learn. 

Perfect if you:

  1. are committed to co-design and allowing equality of voices

  2. need to engage a learning community around change

  3. want to extract information very rapidly from first hand experiences

  4. need an enticing, user friendly visual representation of a complex issue.



Rigour and meaning

Do you have a project or service or process that needs evaluated? Do you want to know how to capture meaningful outcomes? Do you want to examine your unintended consequences or capture the complexity of what you do? Whether you have quantitative - qualitative or linear- nonlinear methods in mind, we can work with you to get the answers that you need either confidentially or publish and showcase what you do. We can find novel and creative ways of getting your learning heard and reaching a wider audience or supporting you to act on your findings via principles of learning organisations.

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